Dogs and legacies


People don’t like to consider death and many haven’t made a will, yet anyone with a beloved dog will sometimes wonder 'who will care for my dog if I die?' Relatives may be an initial choice but often the reality of dog ownership is too much for them. For a professional and secure answer, West Yorkshire Dog Rescue provide a free service.

Lifetime Care Scheme

A dog is an item of property in the eyes of the law so there is no reason why you should not make provision for your dog in your will. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that your wishes are carried out in the event of your death and that your dog is properly looked after. West Yorkshire Dog Rescue will ensure Lifetime Care when your dog is left to us as legacy in a will.

What if I don't include my dog in my will?

If you do not make provision for your dog in your will then you run the risk of the dog being unwanted, uncared for or even homeless. A dog that is collected by a Dog Warden and taken to the Stray Dog Pound runs the serious risk of being put to sleep if not re-homed by them within seven days.

What does the Lifetime Care Scheme provide?

We will take the dog into our rescue centre.  Rather than using kennels, the dog will be fostered in a family home and all its veterinary needs attended to, along with any necessary training.

Using a careful 'owner selection and home check' process, your dog will be placed in a suitable and loving forever home. We ensure that the needs of the dog are matched to the lifestyle and dog handling experience of the owner.

Our ongoing commitment is to support the dog with regular visits and contact with the new owner.  We provide advice and guidance where necessary to keep the dog healthy and happy. We also provide a Lifelong Return Policy so if the new owner can’t keep it, the dog is returned to our rescue.

What can help me achieve this for my dog?

West Yorkshire Dog Rescue give this service free of charge. 

Please contact your solicitor who will be able to advise you regarding adding care for your dog into your will.

West Yorkshire Dog Rescue can only provide the Life Time Care Scheme when you have notified us of your wishes before you die. We can not provide this service unless we have a clear record that you have contacted West Yorkshire Dog Rescue.


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What about the cost of caring for my dog when I am gone?

During the time the dog spends in the rescue centre there will obviously be costs incurred for vets, training, food, and any equipment needed for its comfort and happiness.  It is a good idea to leave in your will a sum of money to cover these costs to the person or organisation you would like to look after your dog in the event of your death.

It is worth noting that anything you leave to a Registered Charity, such as West Yorkshire Dog Rescue, is paid free of Inheritance Tax.  Please note that leaving a gift in your will is entirely discretionary and is not a condition of the Lifetime Care Scheme.

It is generally agreed that it is a good idea to have a will. At West Yorkshire Dog Rescue we are sure that you love your dog and with this in mind. Please take the time to ensure that your dog is well looked after should anything happen to you.


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