West Yorkshire Dog Rescue

West Yorkshire Dog Rescue is a Registered Charity managed by Committee on a totally voluntary basis. We have a policy that every dog coming into our rescue centre is treated with love and respect and given the utmost care.


We work primarily in West Yorkshire but sometimes our activities extend beyond. We take dogs from owners who are unable to keep them and unwanted strays from pounds.

We do not normally use kennels unless it is an extreme emergency to save a dog's life and then only for a very short period.  Scientific Research has proved that due to the stress of confinement, dogs do not behave normally if housed in kennels long term.  We keep our dogs as happy as possible whilst they await their forever home and so they are fostered in the homes of kind volunteers.   We assess their behaviour in a family situation and tell potential owners what they are like to live with.  This enables us to provide a special service and differentiates us from many larger rescue centres. 



We make the dogs as healthy as we can prior to adoption.  To ensure the best nutrition they are fed good quality, gluten-free, hypo-allergenic complete biscuit.  We follow the advice of our vets and ensure they are given necessary treatment such as dental work and antibiotics for kennel cough.   Wherever possible, dogs are neutered and vaccinated but, if the vet advises against this, then dogs must be neutered and vaccinated in their new home at owners' expense.  All dogs are treated for fleas and worms and micro-chipped.

We take a lot of care to check that the dog and it's needs and personality match the owner, the home, the family and lifestyle.  We do post adoption follow-up checks.


We continue to support our owners with help and advice, including working with specialist vets, dog behaviourists and trainers.


We do not sell dogs.  We ask for a donation to the Charity when a dog is adopted.  These adoption donations do not fully cover the costs of transport, feed, vet bills, microchips, collars, leads, name tags, harnesses, dog training and equipment.  This is why we rely so heavily on additional fundraising and public generosity to make ends meet.


Should the new owner's circumstances change or if the adopted dog is not wanted for ANY reason it must be returned to West Yorkshire Dog Rescue at the owner's expense. We will receive the dog back at the earliest opportunity, but at our convenience when we have a suitable foster available.


We would be really grateful if you could download and put up our poster, the more people who see the poster the more dogs we can support. 

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