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Welcome Big George

Our ex show dogs, so have never been pets.So the criteria is the same for all of them, patient experienced homes only. No children, they are far too nervous. They are all lead trained, but some are more confident than others. Toilet training, they are likely to go back when moving to there new homes, so if you are precious about your carpets, these arent the dogs for you. Quiet rural homes, they arent used to traffic, be prepared to use a extremely secure harness when out walking. These dogs may never be able to go off lead, so if you arent a lead walker, please dont apply. Our experience is that it can take 6 months to settle, so if you want a ready made pet, please dont apply.



George is a 5 yr old beautiful yorkie, hes very gentle and sensitive. Now George needs a special home, George suffers from sensitivity to noise. So the outside world is such a scary place for this boy, he needs a rural home. George needs to be walked at very quiet times of the day, or someone with a large enough garden and occasional walks would be ok. He needs another kind dog to live with, as hes still very playful. Hes such an affectionate boy and just wants to have someone to love him.

 We are looking for a home with 

Someone around most of the day

RURAL home away from traffic

Another young KIND NEUTERED dogs to live with

A sympathetic confident owner, who has experience of nervous dogs


A home where he is going to be a priority

Lifestyle & financial security

Grooming costs need to be taken into account, all will need grooming every 8-10 weeks.


Big George will only be rehomed within a 100 miles of West Yorkshire


I am friendly and happy around other dogs

A patient experienced owner required

Lots of shorts walks

I love to learn new things

untested with cats


I like to cuddle up with you on the sofa