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Welcome to the first of our Tiny ex show boys at 3.4 kgs welcome Ditto, just 3 yrs old and the most adorable little man.

 Ditto is very much like any kenneled dog,they are not house or lead trained when they arrive in rescue. So this is what we have been working on in his foster home. Ditto is a shy sensitive little boy, he needs time to trust his new humans.He loves his walks now and will need someone around all day to reinforce house training. When moving to their new homes, they will almost certainly take a backward step with house training. So if you are precious about your carpets, this is not the dog for you.These dogs have never been pets and dont know anything about receiving affection, but they are learning. Ditto will need an owner committed to regular grooming and this cost should be taken into account. Hes going to need to be groomed every 8 weeks to build up his confidence. Also a secure fenced garden, when moving to his new home, hes going to take a while to settle and this is when its very easy for them to take flight through fear.

We are looking for a home with 

Someone around most of the day

RURAL home away from traffic

Another young KIND NEUTERED dog to live with

A sympathetic confident owner, who has experience of nervous dogs


A home where he is going to be a priority

Lifestyle & financial security

Grooming costs need to be taken into account, Ditto will need grooming every 8-10 weeks.


Ditto will only be rehomed within a 50 miles of West Yorkshire


I am friendly and happy around other dogs

A patient owner required

medium exercise levels

I love to learn new things

untested with cats


I like to cuddle up with you on the sofa