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He is one of the 4 long haired Chihuahuas we have needing rural homes. Zak is the most confident boy and is a little super star, coming along lovely with his lead training. He is so affectionate and kind with people and dogs but nervous of built up areas

Zak is 2 years old, he is a very handsome boy !!!

we are looking for a home with
* someone around most of the time
* a quiet peaceful home with experienced, patient dog lovers
* rural location they are not used to busy town and traffic
* Zak is child friendly, he can live with sensible children over 8 yrs old
* if you only want one you must have another small friendly dog living in your home that has been NEUTERED
* they need lots of walks so fit active owners please
* long term lifestyle and financial stability these are only young dogs with another 15 years of life in them so is your health and fitness up to looking after them for their full lifetime?
* within 100 miles of West Yorkshire

ZAK Will only be rehomed within a 100 miles of West Yorkshire

I am friendly and happy around other dogs.

Someone around for most of the day

Active Home

I would benefit from reward based training

Not cat tested

Sensible children over 8 yrs old

I like to cuddle up with you on the sofa