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Adorable Pomeranian 4 years old.

Chi Chi is tiny, only about the size of a Standard Sized Chihuahua - see photo of her running with Chihuahuas at Kathy's farm (They need a home too !!! ). She is very affectionate but has not been well socialised and 

accustomed to life in a busy town. Therefore she needs a quite, peaceful home in a rural location nearby lots of fields or nearby a beach so she can get out and about and have fun. Chi Chi is brilliant off lead she doesn't run away and has very good recall. She doesn't pull on the lead.
Chi Chi can be barky and snap out of fear until she gets to know you so she needs an experienced owner who will just let her come to them on her own terms. Because of her fear she is not suitable for children.
As is common with her breed she is a "watchdog" and will bark to let you know of people passing the house or arriving at the door.
Chi Chi travels well in the car, sleeps well at night, can be left for up to 3 hours, would like to live with another kind small neutered dog but she can go as an only dog.
experience of this breed would be ideal as they are a specialist breed with a coat that needs a lot of grooming
We are looking for a home with the following:-
* quiet, peaceful home with gentle owners
* someone around most of the time

* Another kind neutered dog to live with
* rural location nearby good walking country 
* no children
* no cats
* long term financial and lifestyle stability
* breed experience would be valuable


Chi Chi will not be rehomed more than 100 miles of West Yorkshire




I love the company of other dogs

I am 90% house trained

An Active Home

I am need someone around most of the day


Teenages only