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The donation for Elsie is £400 

Hello there, my name is Elsie Poodle. I’ve just moved to West Yorkshire Dog Rescue to get some bravery training and look for a new family… could you help me?


I am 3 years old and have been a mum my whole life… now I am ready to start a new life!


I’ve only been with my Foster Mum for a month but I have been working really hard at being brave. I am very shy, especially of people and if I get scared my instinct is to run away…. And I keep running very fast until I get tired! When I get to know you though, I am playful and love to play fetch with a ball or go on a long walk.


I am happy to see other dogs and like to play ball with them. I am ok with cats, but they don’t really play fetch… I don’t know why??


I have been practicing pooping outside, and my foster mum says I am almost perfect! Only a few little accidents, but I will keep trying to get better.


I have also been practicing with a lead. I don’t like it much and will try to chew my lead when you’re not looking, but since my foster mum got me a new lead, I can’t do that anymore. I have learned to walk nicely, but if other people get too close, I have to dance about so they don’t get too close.


I am not perfect, and I still have a lot to learn about the world and all the scary things out there, but I am fun and affectionate and loving. Do you think you could love me?



·         I am not suitable to rehome with children, preferably an adult only home.

·         I will require a VERY secure garden to play in, away from busy roads as I will run away if I am scared.

·         I am walking a lot better on a lead and with a harness, so I will need someone who is dedicated to continue my training.

·         I  LOVE to play with a ball, and can spend hours playing fetch, but is also very nervous and can bolt if startled.

·         I will require patience and dedication to my ongoing training.

·         I can be left for short periods of time if there is another dog in the home that I like, but preferably I will need a human who is home most of the time


·         I am very good with other dogs, but can bark a welcome on occasion at people. I don’t like too many people, so would be happier with only a few visitors.






  • COUNTRYSIDE LOCATION where this dog can get a lot of walking away from roads and the noise of heavy traffic
  • No young children - please don't apply as this dog has no experience of children
  • patient owners, someone with the ability to cope who has the time and patience for this dog
  • Another neutered dog for company
  • A securely fenced garden
  • Lifestyle & Financial Security

Elsie will only be rehomed a 100 mile radius from West Yorkshire



I am friendly and happy around other dogs

I can be left happily for short periods

I require a lot of exercise and ideally a countryside location

I would benefit from reward based training


Adult home prefered

I like to cuddle up with you on the sofa