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Adoption donation for Jimmy Choo is £250 


WELCOME JIMMY CHOO (apologies for long post)

This is a tiny Yorkie is about the size of a Guinea Pig yet he packs a real punch when angry and is one of the most complex dogs we have ever had in this rescue

3 years old, totally adorable. Jimmy Choo is actually a wonderful Yorkie, he is very affectionate, walks super on the lead, is very good with dogs apart from occasional scrap over food, is good to bath (likes to roll in fox poo !!), travels well in the car, is very healthy (apart from he catches fox mange treatable with Advocate or Stronghold from vets). Full vet history available on request. Neutered, vaccinated recently booster.


The following information will help you determine whether you can provide a suitable home. He does really well on Kathy's small holding with lots of dogs.

In a normal household/family home he will display the following behaviours 

• guarding of humans (prepared to attack anyone approaching the person he is guarding

• separation anxiety that is extreme and all usual techniques advised by behaviorists don’t cure, anxiety so bad he is prepared to hurt himself (he’s been hospitalized for damage to his paw needing an operation)

• fighting dogs he lives with

• toilet problems

The following environment overcomes these problems

• Many hours a day exercise - he will run around outside but not run away

• Few strokes so he doesn't make a guarding relationship with a human

• Food down all the time to eliminate anxiety / resource guarding and fighting

• Mulit-dog household so he is never alone and there is always something going on

• Living in a group of dogs with sufficient different temperaments so some stand up to him so he learns the lesson not to fight 

• Results in only very few toilet problems


 Jimmy will only be rehomed a 100 miles from West Yorkshire










I am friendly and happy around other dogs

Someone around for most of the day

I need an active home

I know basic commands

Not Cat Freindly

Adult Home Only

Must Not Be Allowed On Furniture,Will Display Guarding Issues