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The donation for Violet is £400 this goes towards our increasing vet bills.

Hello, please could you help me find my forever human?

My name is Violet, I am 4 years old and I have been a mum my whole life.

When I came to WYDR, I didn’t know anything about humans and everything was very scary. So very scary, that I had to bark and growl at the world.

 I saw my sisters enjoying cuddles with my Foster Mum and eventually decided I would give it a go… and I like them! But only from her.

 I love, love, love my Foster Mum and won’t leave her side, but I’m not sure about everybody else, or loud noises, or busy places, or children, or being on my own. In fact, there is a lot of scary stuff out there!

 She says that one day, I will find a perfect human of my very own; who will help me with all the scary things and getting the hang of pooping out of doors. Can you help me find them?

Violet Poodle has come a very long way since she came to WYDR, but she is still displaying signs of anxiety and may snap out of fear.. She is not yet fully house trained and new situations cause stress and fear responses.

All that said she is loyal and loving. She has become very strongly attached to her foster mum, so it is expected that in the right home, she will form a very strong bond with her new human. She would suit an active retired person, or someone who will be home with her all day; who has the time and patience to give her confidence and reassurance in new situations; and someone who has experience of ex breeding bitches and their particular needs.


All applicants must consider:

[1] Holidays, as Violet will not cope in a ‘kennels’ environment while you were away.

[2] Affordability, as poodles require regular grooming in addition to the usual insurance, food, vets costs etc.

[3] Accidents in the house. Violet is doing a lot better, but is not yet fully house trained.

[4] A 12 year plan, as she is around 4 years old so will hopefully live for another 12 years or more.

[5] Dedication to ongoing training. Remember, she has come from a confined environment with no prior experience of the real world so experienced, patient dog people only please.

[6] Children in the home, or visiting the home under the age of 12 is strongly discouraged


  • COUNTRYSIDE LOCATION where this dog can get a lot of walking away from roads and the noise of heavy traffic
  • No young children - please don't apply as this dog has no experience of children
  • patient owners, someone with the ability to cope who has the time and patience for this dog
  • Another neutered dog for company
  • A securely fenced garden
  • Lifestyle & Financial Security

Violet will only be rehomed a 100 mile radius from West Yorkshire



I am friendly and happy around other dogs

I can be left happily for short periods

I require a lot of exercise and ideally a countryside location

I would benefit from reward based training

Cat Friendly


I like to cuddle up with you on the sofa