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The donation for Cole is £250 this goes towards our increasing vet bills.


Say hello to our beautiful boy Cole, Cole is fostered on a farm, so used to lots of dogs and other animals, He needs an active family home with someone around for most of the day. This is a very active young dog who needs plenty of exercise. Hes totally adorable, strong willed independent and extremely intelligent. Please do not apply if you are going to leave this dog for long hours, he needs company, stimulation and a 16 year plan.



We are looking for a home with:

  • someone around most of the time 
  • another kind friendly dog MUST BE NEUTERED
  • countryside location where this dog can get a lot of walking
  • no young children - Hes quite a nervous pup, who mouths and jumps up, needs some positive reward training
  • a securely fenced garden
  • long term lifestyle and financial security

I am friendly and happy around other dogs

I don't like being left alone and might suffer if you do that for too long

I require a lot of exercise and ideally a countryside location

I would benefit from reward based training

Cat Friendly

I am best with children who are teenages

I like to cuddle up with you on the sofa