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Mikey is still only a young dog approx 2 years old, hes lived that short time FERAL. Mikey had never seen the outside world, felt the touch of a human hand. He has come on leaps & bounds, but obviously cant live in a normal household. Mikey needs a secure area, about an acre to live his life. Occasionally he will choose to go on a lead with a harness on and go for a walk. Mike has a very high prey drive as he always caught his own food and will continue to do so at times. So small furries will need to be secure, however Mikey has lived with cats, goats & pigs with no trouble at all.So a small holding home would be ideal for this little guy, he needs shaving down to zero a couple of times a year to keep his coat short. We will continue to work on his socialization in foster, he is dog friendly. He cannot live with children,due to he would snap out of fear. He bonds with one person and once a bond is formed, hes a very affectionate dog. So are we DREAMING THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM is there a home out there for Mikey, who has been let down by humans his whole life. We think theres someone out there for Mikey, we just need to find them.


We are looking for a home with:

  • someone around most of the time 
  • another kind friendly dog MUST BE NEUTERED
  • countryside location where this dog can get a lots of exercise away from roads and the noise of heavy traffic in a secure location
  • No children 
  • patient owners, who dont mind a dog doing his own thing.
  • a securely fenced large garden
  • long term lifestyle and financial security

I am friendly and happy around other dogs

I am very independent and need my own space

I require a lot of exercise and ideally a countryside location

I would benefit from reward based training

Cat friendly

No children as i will snap out of fear

I like to cuddle up with you on the sofa, when i get to know you