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The donation required for RACEY is £275 to help with our increasing vet bills

8 month old Shihpoo

Well what can i say about this adorable naughty puppy, at 8 months old Racey is a bundle of energy.Racey is into everything and doing what normal puppys do, so your favourite pair of shoes you need to put away. Racey needs another young neutered dog to live with, definetly no terriers. She an up at at them kind of girl, and would suit a lab or a spaniel, that she can chase all day long. This is a young puppy who is highly inteligent and would thrive doing agility or flyball, definetly needs an active family home.Grooming costs need to be factored into the cost of dog ownership, as Racey will need regular grooming. WE WILL NEED A REFERENCE FROM YOUR GROOMER, this baby girl arrived all mattered, and we will not allow this to happen again.

 Racey will not be rehomed more than 100 miles from West Yorkshire



We are looking for a home with

* An experienced owner

* Another young neutered dog as a companion either a Lab or a spaniel
* countryside location where she can run off lead in fields and get lots of exercise
* someone around most of the time - she is a fabulous little girl,  She is so incredibly loyal and loving he just wants to be your friend.

* A quiet peacefull home
* allowed to sleep on the bed and snuggle up on the sofa
* long term lifestyle and financial stability





I need another neutered active dog to live with

I am 90% house trained

I require a lot of off lead exercise

I am need someone around most of the day

Cat friendly

Sensible children 8 years and above