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WELCOME DEANO (photos show the white version ha ha !!!)

Fostered on Kathy's farm likes to dig up mole hills and roll in sheep poo !!!

Deano is a typical Westie, gorgeous affectionate dog and very cute !!! He doesn't want to share you with other dogs he wants all the attention for himself although he is not dog aggressive.

Deano is a very obedient dog if handled correctly.

However - If anxious he will growl but has never snapped, he is just sometimes nervous having his lead on or being picked up and when being dried with a towel after being showered. A confident owner will have no problem with him and this anxiety is improving as he learns to trust.

Deano loves going long country walks, he walks very well on the lead and has good recall off lead. He is a marvellous companion and pet and loves to play ball.

Deano is 6 years old and has no medical issues with skin or heart or anything else. He is a well made, sturdy boy with a good appetite so has put weight on whilst in our care.

We are looking for a home with

* Needs to be an only dog in the home, as he gets jealous of other dogs getting any attention.

* someone around most of the time who can give exercise and attention
* confident owners preferably with Westie experience
* older teeange kids
* a lot of petience and an understanding of reward based training because this dog doesn't respond well to being confronted and needs to be coaxed into doing what you want.
* lots of balls !!!!!
* long term financial and lifestyle securityhe needs a forever home this time






I am great with other dogs off lead once i get to know them

I am house trained

I require a lot of off lead exercise

I am very good around adults

No cats