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PENELOPE is a stunning Apricot Pedigree Poodle 5 years old.The donation for Penelope is £300 to go towards paying our vet bills

Penelope is extremely well bred by a Kennel Club Registered breeder, exceptionally affectionate and kind.  She is very people orientated, so needs someone around for most of the day.  She is doing very well in foster with other dogs and is such a fabulous girl.Penelope walks out on the lead with other dogs, she is a bit excitable but has good recall. Shes busy, fun and just such a special girl to be around. Penelope is a wonderful Companion and Pet who needs a loving forever home with patient owners who will devote themselves to her. Penelope has suffered ear infections in the past and now infection free, but her ears need regular cleaning once a week.


We are looking for a home with:

  • someone around most of the time 
  • can go with another neutered dog or as an only dog
  • countryside location, shes not used to built up towns
  • Penelope has no experience of young children, but shes an extremely kind dog, so sensible dog wise child 10 years and over.
  • patient owners, typical poodle
  • Commitment to grooming needs
  • a securely fenced garden
  • long term lifestyle and financial security
Penelope will only be rehomed within a 100 mile radius of West Yorkshire



I am friendly and happy around other dogs

I can be left happily for short periods

I require a lot of exercise and ideally a countryside location

I would benefit from reward based training

Cat Friendly

I am best with children who are 10 years and above

I like to cuddle up with you on the sofa