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 NEMO IS A 2YR OLD BLENHIEM CAVALIER the donation to cover our increasing vet bills is £250

Little Nemo arrived with us one very cold night, this little boy was broken into a million pieces. He was so thin you could feel every bone in his body, he was so shut down he wouldnt make eye contact with you. Well little Nemo has shaken off all those old memories, he is a super affectionate little lad, he loves his walks. Nemo has a grade 3 heart murmur which requires no medication at present, but any potential new owner should think seriously about the cost of future medication and the financial implications. This little boy could fit in anywhere, but would suit a home with some little girl cavaliers. Nemo is fostered on a farm with lots of other dogs of all shapes and sizes, he is a super friendly little boy with everyone he meets.

We are looking for a home with

  • Rural location, this boy loves to run in the fields
  • Children over 10 years
  • Another neutered companion dog ( preferably a bitch)
  • Lifestyle & financial security
  • Cavalier experience home

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 THE MIGHTY QUINN IS A 5YR OLD BLENHIEM CAVALIER the donation to cover our increasing vet bills is £400

Qunn is a 5 years old Blenheim who is an extremely good example of the breed with beautiful symmetrical markings.  Quinn is a good sturdy dog and is very fit as he has daily long walks in foster home.  The Vet informed us he has no heart murmur. He is gentle with a very kind affectionate nature.  He loves everyone he meets, he has lived with children and other dogs. Quinn pulls on the lead due to excitement however this is improving in foster care, he is walked on the lead with another dog and is steady in that situation.  He pulls more on the way out but calms down and doesn’t pull after a period of off lead running so is easier on the way home. Quinns off lead recall is very good, he just loves running round the fields sniffing for rabbits. Quinn is very good with dogs out and about and enjoys the company of other dogs in the home.  However a sensible, experienced owner is needed because he is anxious over food and will growl if a dog comes near.  The foster has been feeding him in the kitchen with 8 other small dogs including 3 Chihuahuas, Quinns only has a problem if the Whippet comes near his food, the other dogs have simply learned to keep away.  On occasion Quinn is put into the crate to eat and once all dogs have finished the food bowls are picked up and Quinn is fine. Quinn is such an easy dog to live with you honestly don’t know you’ve got him.  This dog is a family pet for older children and adults who are enthusiastic about walking, he is a lovely boy who just needs companionship, love and in return he is so loyal and loving.Quinn is not cat friendly.


  • We are looking for a home with
  • Experienced dog owners
  • Someone around most of the time or another dog in the household who  has    a laid back nature
  • Can live with older teenage children who are dog wise and sensible
  • Needs a lot of exercise and some lead training
  • Would appreciate a trip to the groomers every 3-4 months to keep him clean and trimmed
  • Long term lifestyle and financial security





Breed information











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I am house trained, and can be left for a couple of hours

I require a lot of exercise

I need an active family

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