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The donation required for Lquorice is £350 to help with our increasing vet bills

Teacup Chihuahua puppy under assessment, so far very nervous, very afraid of men. Prepared to nip. Gaining confidence every day as he spends 2-3 hours each day running round off lead on Kathy's farm in the company of other dogs of all shapes and sizes so he'll soon man up to the job !!!! Totally adorable, utterley gorgeous, and just like his name - absolutley delicious !!!!


We are looking for a home with

* An experienced owner

* No young children

* Another neutered small breed dog as a companion or can go as an only dog
* countryside location where he can run off lead in fields and get lots of exercise
* someone around most of the time - hes is a fabulous little boy.

* A quiet peacefull home
* allowed to sleep on the bed and snuggle up on the sofa
* long term lifestyle and financial stability

Lquorice will only be rehomed within a 50 mile radius of West Yorkshire





Another neutered small breed dog or can go as an only

I am 90% house trained

I require a lot of off lead exercise

I am need someone around most of the day

Not cat tested