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The donation for LIZZIE is £250 to go towards paying our vet bills.

ADORABLE LIZZIE NEEDS THAT SPECIAL HOME with experienced, patient owners who will put her needs first. 
this small lightweight poodle cross is an excitable girl who needs a lot of exercise, a calm loving home and experienced owners.

REASON SHE NEEDS RURAL HOME - She's very anxious when she first meets a new dog so needs to be walked in quiet fields where there are not lots of dogs she doesn't know.  Lizzie needs to be an only dog,as she wants all the attention of her humans. She is fostered on a small holding with 11 dogs of all shapes and sizes.

She needs a mature family in a peaceful home, another kind neutered dog with a solid, reliable, calm temperament would be ideal.  She can be left for up to 4 hours whilst you go out.  

A countryside home where she will not be meeting many new dogs would be absolutely ideal for Lizzie.

Lizzie is a very affectionate girl who loves to snuggle up on your lap to watch TV or read a book with you. Superb companion and pet.  Lizzie had a dental clean and polish whilst in our care so she now had a film star smile !!





we need the following person or family to adopt Lizzie
* unlike so many owners you are prepared to take a dog who isn't perfect
* very experienced and patient
* able to walk a dog in quiet places away from other dogs
* able to give a dog a lot of attention and cuddles
* able to pay vet bills
* older teenagers,
* fit enough to carry a lightweight dog short distances if necessary
* a true dog lover, prepared to put themselves out to ensure the dog's happiness


I am nervous around new dogs and would be happier as an only dog

I don't like being left alone for long periods and at night i like to sleep on the bed

I require a lot of exercise and ideally a countryside location

I know all the basic commands

Not cat tested

I like to cuddle up with you on the sofa